anti-abuse research statistics examples
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Dave Crocker
2012-12-09 16:23:24 UTC

I'm looking for some example studies that report abuse or anti-abuse
statistics. That is, a series of examples having statistics in the abuse
realm, with surrounding information to explain the need, benefit and
meaning of the statistics.

The types of studies I'd like to get are:

1. Simple study with basic statistics that are obviously useful.

2. Somewhat more complex study, with statistics that require some
explanation, but don't require a math degree to comprehend. (I'm
talking about comprehending the results, not the underlying calculations.)

3. Overly complicated study with questionable statistics.

While trend-analysis seems most common, I need some that are more in an
'experimental' model, such as before/after testing. This type would use
t-test, ANOVA or the like.

Any suggestions? Feel free to just send any that seem plausible; don't
edit. I'll figure out which ones make the most sense for my suggestion,
as I develop it.


Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking